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Amazing Solar Energy! Using Ambient Light And Print Solar Battery To Charge Cellphone

Publisher:glory Published date:2017-12-6 Hits:1668

It is enough for Charging your phone by ambient light. You can use the solar panels made from inkjet printers ,Which can be get energy from artificial light and sunlight.

solar energy

In generally, the conventional solar panel get solar energy from silicon. However, Ben Dkhil and his team have developed a conductive plastic that can get a wider range of wavelengths. "Our material can get solar energy from the indoor lighting , but silicon can't ." Ben Dkhil said. Furthermore, This  device is lightweight, non-toxic and even can be fold, so the silicon solar battery can't compare with it.

The solar panel is consists of five layers of printed panels stacked on top of each other. A photosensitive layer is sandwiched between two semiconductor sheets that can help the outer layer of conductive ink recover the charge. A square module with a length of about 5cm can be printed in less than an hour.  it is incredible that the team plans to building  a largest solar panel which volume can reach 30 square.

Using inkjet printing technology can produce the panels that capture light at a low cost. "It's the cheapest manufacturing technology." Alexander Colsmann said, who is developing a similar system in Karlsruher Institut für Technologie.

Because of  Ben Dkhil's Solar battery can be made of any shape or color, even make it transparent,it is used for a variety of fields. For example, Solar panels can be put into a cellphone,"You can imagine putting it on a T-shirt and using it to charge your phone." Ben Dkhi said.

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